Simply Sous Vide® Cooking

What is sous vide? The sous vide way of cooking was invented in the 1970's. Basically, food is placed in a food grade safe bag. The air is removed from the bag with a vacuum machine. The bag is sealed. The food in the bag is submerged in a temperature controlled water bath where it will cook to perfection.

The Simply Sous Vide® Technique brings sous vide cooking to another level. This novel technique makes it now possible to create meals which are layered. Previously, it was not thought possible to create dishes which required form such as cakes, casseroles, etc.   Using this method daily has eliminated all of the little worries and tribulations of preparing meals.

Simply Sous Vide® has made my life easy. Enjoying the party with my guests is something I am able to do every time. It is my wish for you that your lives be enriched by this wonderful method as well.

In this publication of my first Simply Sous Vide® Cookbook, I combine my technique with recipes that I have developed and fine tuned.

Featured Recipe

Gooey Cinnamon Brown Sugar Apples

This dessert gets it name gooey for a reason.  Dive into the rich and delicious cheesecake inspired cinnamon brown sugar filling.  Carve your spoon into the tart Granny Smith apple.  The two mingle into a wonderful explosion of flavor and will have you licking your spoon!

This recipe can be found on page 229 in our Simply Sous Vide® Cookbook.